Photo courtesy of @_klee17, The College Park Skyhawks vs. G League Ignite for a back-to-back matchup. On March 8, 2023

College Park Skyhawks back-to-back match vs. G League Ignite

The College Park Skyhawks played G League Ignite for a back-to-back matchup. On March 8, 2023, the Skyhawks defeated Ignite making it their third straight victory against the team. Going into the match #5 Brandon Williams leads the team in points and assists with #13 Giorgi Bezhanishvili leading the team in rebounds off the board.
With more than seven players in double figures on the March 8th matchup, the team was down tonight. The team started the game off strong making nice layups and making plays to the basket. But, with many minor fouls, missed shots, and turnovers G League Ignite was able to pass the Skyhawks. Even though the game may not have gone in the direction the Skyhawks wanted tonight, many players showed that they still had a fire built up from last night. #9 Langston Galloway ( 32 pts career high) and #4 Donovan Williams ( rookie with 21 points ) were on fire tonight!
Galloway came into the game making nice plays to keep the team at a tie to the G League Ignite in the first quarter by one (30-29). Along with Williams’ assist and executions, the Skyhawks could stay in the game. When the second quarter hit the G League, Ignite seemed to have something to prove, still defeating the Skyhawks by making back-to-back plays, unstoppable from the three-point line.
In a post-game interview, Coach Gansey stated,” we didn’t bring that fight or the scrap tonight, it was a total flip-flop of last night’s matchup. We as a collective have to play as a union! As we catch a flight tomorrow we will focus on game film and see what we can improve on when preparing to go up against one of the best teams in the league, the Delaware Blue Coats.
The Skyhawks may have fallen tonight to Ignite (113-130) but they will be back home (at the Gateway Center Arena) and ready to defeat the Grand Rapids Gold on March 17th, 2023.