MLS News: Atlanta United Training Continues

Photo Courtesy of Atlanta United. Brad Guzan individual workout at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground on Wednesday.

On Wednesday Atlanta United players continued voluntary individual workouts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground.

Brooks Lennon and Brad Guzan spoke with the media via Zoom.

“That’s a big thing and Atlanta been really good helping us physically obviously with the training. So mentally we got access to the Head Space app which is nice. There’s a lot of things in that app you can do in terms of meditation or things that can help you with sleep, things like that because obviously with this Covid situation everyone is a little bit more on edge and a little bit more stressed than normal. But these are the type of things that help. They have definitely helped me.”  Brooks Lennon said about his psychological and mental well being adjusting to the new normal.

On Friday individual workouts will continue at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground. The team will have the weekend off. Per League rules prohibit small group and team training through, and including, Monday, June 1.

“I don’t know if the timeline certainly fits. Like I said I don’t make those type of decisions. I certainly do know that we as players we want to get back on the field. We also want to do so in a safe way.” said Brad Guzan on the return to play on for June 1, in Orlando.

MLS announced on Tuesday that it was cancelling July’s 2020 All-Star game in Los Angeles, the Leagues Cup and the Campeones Cup due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All three events are expected to resume in 2021.

Stay tuned for updated information on MLS, and Atlanta United news.