Photo courtesy of Kayla Lee

Photo courtesy of Kayla Lee

Professional Boxing in ATL

Team Combat League (TCL), a new sports league looking to employ 18 active boxers and 6 backups of both genders came to Atlanta, Georgia on January 7th to host an intense tryout at Lugo boxing. The team that fighters are trying out for is the Atlanta Warriors.

The Atlanta Warriors Coach stated that boxers who advance will go through the next 12 weeks of training making more money than they’ve ever seen by showing sportsmanship. While also pushing their minds, bodies, and drive to be the best they can be throughout this opportunity.

On arrival, fighters were lined up as soon as 9:30 am ready to get tryouts started. While fighters waited in line to sign in, I  was able to catch up with Coach Lugo of Lugo boxing about the excitement on many fighters’ faces and what they could look forward to throughout the tryouts this weekend. “Well, it’s an invaluable experience, we have boxers from all over the country here today from California, Florida, and more. They are emerging here to north Atlanta to display their skills and potential to get them a contract.”

Once Boxers started to warm up and get ready for the tryouts, I was able to speak briefly with Marlin Sims from Florida, Frankie Solomon Jr from Georgia, and “Space” Osundairo from Chicago. Each boxer has been professionally fighting for at least five years and said they were more than blessed to be able to try out for the Atlanta warriors.

“I am looking forward to being the star of the Atlanta Warriors and making a statement,” said Space. Space has been ranked #1 in the USA for national boxing and is a part of team USA. Throughout his journey as a boxer, he has looked up to fighters like Floyd Mayweather and has gained the opportunity to meet him.

Throughout tryouts, there were over 50 boxers going through conditioning before the matches. The matches gave boxers an opportunity to showcase why they deserve to be a part of the Atlanta Warriors.


Tryouts will remain on January 8th at 10 am for a second day. Good luck to all the participants and Goodluck Atlanta Warriors!!