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My life has always been affected by sports and nothing is more entertaining than a good game. It started in college when I was on the dance team and I watched from the sidelines and my interest took off from there.  Whether I'm shooting the hoops or watching the Superbowl, there's nothing like the adrenaline of an eventful-filled match in front of a roaring crowd. Sure, there's plenty of heartbreak watching some of my favorites like the Chicago Bulls or the New Orleans Saints (yes, I realize I live in Atlanta and I'm a traitor for also liking the Falcons). But what can I say. My posts always aim to please, but we all know facts are facts!

Who Runs The World, Girls!

The women of the U.S. are kicking butt and taking names this year at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and the whole world is taking notice.
Representing for the ladies was Chloe Kim who scored a gold medal on the half pipe this week. On top of that, she became the youngest women ever to win an Olympic gold medal in snowboarding at only 17 years old.

In the snowboarding slopestyle competition, athlete Jamie Anderson become a returning champ as she took home the Gold again for the United States. In her first run of the competition, Anderson led the scoreboard with 83 points for the win.

Mirai Nagasau, also raised a big applause when she became the first American women ever to land a triple axel in figure skating. At only 24, this was a personal best and she took home third place overall representing Team USA.

These fabulous ladies did not disappoint, and the U.S. is rooting for them as we continue with Day 6 of the Winter Olympic Games.

Trading Places: Cavs Edition

Would we like to trade Isaiah Thomas or Jae Crowder? Why not both?!


It’s been no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers have had a rocky season. The lack of chemistry brought big questions as to what the Cavaliers were going to do in terms of this year’s trade deadline.
But in a twist of events Cleveland has traded Isaiah Thomas and forward Channing Frye to the LA Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.. In addition, Dwayne Wade is being traded to the Miami Heat in exchange for the second-round draft pick and the team is bringing in point guard George Hill and Rodney Hood.
Additionally, Iman Shumpert will make his way to the Sacramento Kings and Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder will leave the Cavs for the Utah Jazz.

Thomas has remained under a lot of scrutiny since his long-standing injury. This move may give him fresh start and a chance to score without the help of LeBron James.  Although, he’s not happy with the move embracing this change could be very beneficial.
Not to mention the Lakers have now opened an opportunity to go after NBA All-Stars Lebron James and Paul George.
Wade is returning to his former championship team, despite the Heat’s recent string of injuries. However, this could be a great opportunity for him to reclaim that spot as the leading scorer and potentially carry the Heat to great success. Rumor has it that he plans to retire in Miami sometime soon.

As for the Cavs, this young new look will work to their advantage. This was definitely the time to revamp their backcourt and bringing in Hill and Hood gives James some new talent to work with. Although, it could be interesting to see how Clarkson and J.R. Smith adapt to this new team environment.
The results of today may not bear sandy beaches for everybody, but with these strategic changes these new teams are looking good!

Welcome to the Pistons! Would You Like A Shirt?

Rebounds? Check. Assists? Check. Jersey? Ummm….
Aside from a minor wardrobe mishap, Blake Griffin rocked his debut on February 1st with the Detroit Pistons, who claimed a 104 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. The star was traded earlier this week from the LA Clippers, and may still be acclimating to his new environment after forgetting his jersey at the beginning of the second-half.

However, Griffin still managed to deliver a great performance scoring 24 points and 10 rebounds with an additional 5 assists. He also showed off his growing chemistry with teammates Anthony Tolliver and Andre Drummond, who welcomed the All-Star forward warmly.

This is an interesting development for Detroit (24-26) going into their next few games at Little Caesar’s Arena. As the Pistons expand their playbook with Griffin, they will continue to reap the benefits of their recent trade.

Super Bowl Predictions: Who Is Favored for the 2018 Win?

It’s time to place those bets because the Super Bowl Championship game is right around the corner.

There’s plenty of buzz around which of the two NFL competitors battling it out will take home that Lombardi Trophy, and both the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, each with their own strengths, have an interesting game ahead of them.

The Patriots will be appearing in their 10th Super Bowl appearance with Tom Brady leading the pack for his 8th appearance at the championship. There is no doubt that the Patriots have plenty of experience in addition to bringing a strong offensive line to the table. Brady himself has been debated as one of the best quarterbacks of all time and he definitely will use this opportunity to again showcase his impeccable leadership capabilities.

In 2005 these two teams went head-to-head with the Patriots winning by only 3 points but the Eagles have seen plenty of change since then.

There was some concern about the Eagles season after quarterback Carson Wentz tore his ACL and his LCL, removing him for the season. However, Nick Foles proved he could pull-off a great performance after winning against the Minnesota Vikings and carrying his team to the championships. This game will be a great opportunity to see if the Eagles can continue to execute this kind of adaptive skill and offensive ability.

Both teams enter Super Bowl 52 with a strong defense, but with these two top performing quarterbacks, neither is infallible.

It remains to be seen who will come out on top of this championship game, however both teams’ respective strengths give them decent chances at victory. Either way, the crowds will definitely be roaring at Bank Stadium on the upcoming night of February 4th.