Lebron Ties up Finals, 1-1 against Warriors


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Along with giving his teammates Apple watches and haircuts before the NBA Finals. Lebron James carried his teammates to a 95-93 victory in OT in Game 2 against Golden State Warriors.

With several failed attempts including 18-23 missed shots, Stephen Curry missed the opportuny to keep the  Warriors in the lead in the playoffs.  Curry said. “I don’t expect to shoot like this. I’ve got to play better, find better shots and be more in a rhythm throughout the course of the game for us to really assert ourselves as a team.”

The Finals are now tied 1-1.  Game 3 will be on Tues night at 9pm EST.


UFC Fight Night 68: Boetsch vs. Henderson live – Dan Henderson is 44-years-young!


What a wild night it was at UFC Fight Night 68 in New Orleans, LA! Tons of finishes is all UFC fans ever ask for and that is exactly what we got at this event. With 10 finishes on record, 6 of which came from the whole main card, it seemed like just about every fighter took the old saying ‘don’t let it go to the judges’ very serious. Before we get to the main event between former Pride and Strikeforce champion Dan “Hendo” Henderson and UFC veteran Tim Boetsch, here is a summary of the preliminary card and main card fights leading up to it:

Preliminary Card

Leonardo Morales vs. Jose Quinonez: Quinonez defeats Morales via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:34 in the first round.

Main Card

  • Alex Caceres Francisco Rivera (bantamweight bout): Rivera defeats Caceres via KO (strikes) at 0:21 in the first round. Rivera’s knockout is officially the third fastest knockout in bantamweight history.
  • Joe Soto Anthony Birchak (bantamweight bout): Birchak defeats Soto via KO (strikes) at 1:37 in the first round.
  • Thiago Tavares Brian Ortega (featherweight bout): Ortega defeats Tavares via TKO (strikes) at 4:10 in the third round. This fight received Fight of the Night honors.

Dustin Poirier vs. Yancy Medeiros (lightweight bout): The hometown fighter Poirier defeats Medeiros via TKO at 2:38 in the first round.

Co-main eventMatt Mitrione vs. Ben Rothwell (heavyweight bout): Rothwell defeats Mitrione via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:54 in the first round.

Main event – Dan Henderson vs. Tim Boetsch

 Round 1: Boetsch comes out throwing a combination of punches and Henderson counters him with a hard right hand. Boetsch is staggered and Henderson clinches him and lands a left knee. Henderson pushes Boetsch against the cage, lands a right uppercut that drops him, and just keeps punching until the referee pulls him off. The fight is all over.

Henderson defeats Boetsch via KO at 4:33 in the first round. With that win, Dan Henderson now has the fourth most knockouts (14) in UFC/Pride/WEC/Strikeforce history and the second most wins (24) in UFC/Pride/WEC/Strikeforce history. Don’t mention it to him, but he is now the oldest fighter (44) to win via KO/TKO in the octagon.




Flying bat leaves woman battling life threatning injuries


The Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox  game at Fenley Park came to an abrupt halt on Friday when a fan was violently hit by Oaklands A’s Brett Lawrie broken bat.
Observers have identified the fan as a woman, who was sitting by a young child and a man who was trying to tend to the woman’s injuries after she was hit.
Boston police spokesman David Estrada confirmed the woman was seriously injured.
”First and foremost, our thoughts and concern, and certainly our prayers, go out to the woman that was struck with the bat, her and her family,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said.


Serena Williams wins 20th Gram Slam title


After beating Timea Bacsinszky in the French Open semifinals on Thursday Serena Williams said in a statement ” I felt really terrible during the semis.  I’m actually not sure how I got through the match, and when it was over, I just kind of collapsed. I couldn’t move. I think I have some kind of flu, which makes it tough, because it’s just a matter of resting and keeping hydrated.”
With her minor setback, rest and hydration was clearly the winning antidote. Serena camback on Saturday to win the 20th Grand Slam Title against 28 year old Czech tennis player Lucie Šafářová.


Brittney Griner files for annulment from Glory Johnson

glory johnson.Instagram1 glory2

From a Fight, to an Arrest, a 7 game suspension from the WNBA, A Jumping  ofthe broom, then an annoucement of a expecting Glory Johnson.

Now this couple is headed for an Annulment which was previously reported by TMZ , Griner says the marriage to Johnson is based on “fraud and duress” — because Griner was “pressured into marriage under duress by [Johnson’s] threatening statements.”

I have a feeling that this is not the end of the Brittney and Glory saga, this shall be continued…..

Mystery Men

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It’s the names you don’t know that will win the NBA        Finals

Steph Curry can hit shots from anywhere at a ridunkulous rate.  LeBron can outmuscle forwards and outrun centers.  Klay Thompson has a masterful balance of outside shooting and slashing ability.  Kyrie Irving seems to move in slow motion to everyone…..except the dude guarding him.  We all know these players and what they’ll do.  Like we know Charles Barkley will say something random and Shaq will say something no one can understand.  These have all been constants throughout the playoffs.

It’s what we don’t know that’s going to make the difference in this series.

Golden State seems like a perimeter team on the surface.  It seems like Steve Kerr has given everyone the green line from outside the arc.  The reality is the Warriors are 8th in points in the paint in the playoffs and Festus Ezeli has been a huge part of that.  He’s averaging 4 rebounds in just 11 minutes and also providing solid interior defense.  Cleveland will need to know where he is on the floor or the Splash Brothers will penetrate and leave him some beautiful lobs for rim-rockin’.

On the flip side, Mozgov could be the X-factor in the middle for the Cavs.  Tristan Thompson has been the hot ticket in the playoffs, but Timofey’s girth might match up better against Bogut in the trenches.  The Aussie likes to throw his weight around and is great at leaning in and creating contact with defenders.  Thompson is strong but is better at using space to slide into rebounding position……and battling with Bogut might also lead to foul trouble.

Draymond Green is going to guard King James a lot, but Harrison Barnes will spell him at times and his ability to make LeBron work for baskets and on defense will be key.  Barnes has hit some big threes in the playoffs and can get in the lane off the dribble.  That could mean fouls and fatigue for BronBron.  The former Tarheel won’t shut him down, but any chance at slowing him will help.

JR Smith and Iman Shumpert are going to be tough for the Warriors to match up with when the second unit is on the floor.  Smith can kill you from the perimeter when he’s on…….but he can also kill himself when he’s not.  JR has reigned it in for most of the playoffs and make pretty good decisions.  He can be a real problem for defenses when he decides to attack the lane because he’s solid physically.  I don’t see Livingston or Barbosa able to contain him.
Shumpert is even more of a wild card than Smith.  He can rebound well for a guard and really gets after it on defense.  Dude is long and active and throws all kind of crazy at offenses.  He’s also been pitching in 10 pts a game, much of that from deep.

And finally, my man Delly.

Dellavedova scores 7 points and dishes out 3 assists a game, but bruh leads the league in aggravation, hustle and grit.  He will D up anybody and dives for every ball within sight.  Some have called him dirty.  Others say he’s a throwback to when G’s were playing the game.  I like to think of him as a white, Australian Charles Oakley.  This is the guy harassing Curry or Klay or maybe even Draymond and I bet he baits on of them into a technical foul in the first game.  If he’s able to play his game and not get tossed, look for the Cavs to steal one in San Fransisco.

This will be a grinding series, even with the up tempo of the Warriors.  Whoever gets the most out of their 3rd and 4th options will force the other team to play reactive basketball.  And that’s when the grimiest players make a difference.