Author: Scott Elmore

I have been a sports fanatic since I can remember. My family vacations were trips to college and high school tournaments and Christmas was all about high school basketball. I’ve been a Duke fan FOREVER and a Miami Hurricanes fan since my daughter decided to take her talents to South Beach, but I try to be objective in my writing. My focus is on basketball and football, both pro and college, and I believe those to be the most exciting and engaging sports on the planet. I might offend, occasionally inspire but I’ll always be unfiltered. Follow me on Twitter @dunksanddowns
Mar 26

Elite 8 Day 1

“NCAA Basketball” (CC BY 2.0) by  Phil Roeder  Kansas taking on Villanova seems like a three launching extravaganza.  The Jayhawks have been in the top 5 in 3pt percentage all season and Nova is shooting at a nut-trageous clip.  Each team has one true big man who can patrol the lane and neither of them runs the offense […]

Mar 25

Sweet 16 DAY 2

“ACC Panorama 1” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by  jsmjr  UVA/ISU It’s been said all season, “The Cavs need to score”. Malcom Brogdon is their best scorer, but would be a second option on most other contenders. In the end, the whole team has to shoot well because of the Cyclones size. Perrantes must force the issue through penetration in […]

Mar 25

Sweet 16 Day 1

“ncaa” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  bionicteaching  Why they won……and why they lost The game is layered and there’s always a lot going on.  On any given day, anything can happen. On this day, a lot happened. The Hurricanes came out fairly flat and never recovered. Their game has been built on solid-to-tight D and the ability to play […]

Mar 21


  “The Boss” (CC BY 2.0) by  GDS-Productions  We love to think about how teamwork and sharing make champions….expecially this time of year.  From the Spurs to Wichita St to VCU, the story of selfless teams keeps us all warm and fuzzy. Problem is, it takes Big Dawg to win championships. The Spurs passed the ball like mad […]

Aug 18

Crime and Punishment

   by  .v1ctor Casale.   “I am not a crook” Tom Brady is fighting tooth and nail in federal court to get his suspension wiped away.  Not reduced, but totally gone.  Much like Lance Armstrong, Tommy Boy has denied ANY wrongdoing.  Even after a ton of text messages with an equipment manager and footballs below the acceptable […]

Jul 13

Real Recognize Real

What I learned from NBA offseason moves Not that he’ll ever admit it, but Adam Silver is loving all the drama of the offseason.  The Finals capped an exciting playoffs and then we moved right into a draft with surprises and controversy.  And just when you thought the drama was over – BAM – free […]

Jul 08


Doing the same thing over and over……we expect different results. Let’s yell about domestic violence again and call this kid a monster and banish him from our consciousness so we don’t have to see the ugliness…..WE created. De’Andre Johnson was Mr. Football 2014 in Florida and a big time recruit from a big time program […]

Jul 04

Small Ball myth

     by  scribbletaylor  Ohh….the poor, unwanted, prehistoric big man.  The plodding giant who was great at Mikan drills and drop-steps has dropped off.  Golden State was the massive meteor that crashed into planet NBA and rendered the brontosaurus extinct. Or maybe not…. It’s hard to argue with success.  The Warriors pulled Bogut and played Ezeli […]

Jul 01


One player doesn’t win a game, but these guys might determine their teams fates Cody Kessler (USC)  Kessler is coming off a solid year of completing 70% of his passes and throwing just 5 picks.  He’s proven he can take care of the ball and put up points.  This year he’ll have to prove he […]

Jun 29

Kicking and Screaming

Three trends that will continue in college football… it or not. Chip Kelly’s been gone a couple of years and Ohio State is back atop college football.  Think this signals a return to the old school ground and pound Saturdays of yesteryear? Hell to the naw!! Everything you’ve been loving about college football is going […]