Kaelyn Green

My life has always been affected by sports and nothing is more entertaining than a good game. It started in college when I was on the dance team and I watched from the sidelines and my interest took off from there.  Whether I'm shooting the hoops or watching the Superbowl, there's nothing like the adrenaline of an eventful-filled match in front of a roaring crowd. Sure, there's plenty of heartbreak watching some of my favorites like the Chicago Bulls or the New Orleans Saints (yes, I realize I live in Atlanta and I'm a traitor for also liking the Falcons). But what can I say. My posts always aim to please, but we all know facts are facts!

A Tie in Barcelona

Sunday night Barcelona and Real Madrid tied the El Clasico 2-2 at Camp Nuo in Barcelona, Spain. The 90-minute match featured four goals, 28