Skyhawks defeat the Knicks in a two-game series


The College Park Skyhawks defeated the Westchester Knicks for a two-game series on Wednesday, February 8th at the Gateway Center Arena (107-121). The game started with Giorgi Bezhanishvili #13 making a free throw for two points. Bezhanishvili hit a career-high of 30 points last game on Monday, February 6th against the Westchester Knicks.

Tonight the Skyhawks started the game with high intensity and chemistry. The team made back-to-back plays with leading scorers, Brandon Williams #5, Langston Galloway #9, and Aromini Brooks #12. The team ended the first half with 34 points in the first quarter and 42 points in the second quarter. Williams showed he had something to prove after being ejected from the last game. Williams made back-to-back big plays while throwing in a few assists to help his team get on the board. Galloway started the game strong with nice offensive plays getting to the basket for two and sticking it out behind the line for three. Brooks had a nice three-point game with back-to-back threes. Brooks started the game looking for his movement and ended the game finding it with continuous points from the three-point line.

Going into the second half, the Skyhawks’ chemistry started to die, but that didn’t stop them from making big plays and coming out strong with a nice win over the knicks. In a post-game interview with Skyhawks head coach, Steve Gansey discussed that the team has been “locked in” when going against teams that are good and not looking to quit. “There are a lot of runs in g-league basketball, you can get up twenty points and get down twenty quickly but I’m happy for my team for showing they have a steady momentum and showing what we continue to work on in practice”.

Tonight’s game was overall a team effort with strong off-the-board executions, communication, and ball movement. The Skyhawks will play their next matchup on Saturday, February 11th at the Gateway Center Arena celebrating Black History month.