Atlanta Glads’ President to chair ‘Hockey Is For Everyone’ Committee

The ECHL has announced the formation of the Hockey Is For Everyone Committee in conjunction with the League’s announcement with the National Hockey League and American Hockey League to adopt the Hockey Is For Everyone initiative. Seven ECHL team presidents have been placed on the committee, and Gladiators team president Jerry James has been named chairman.
The objective of this committee will be to support best practice and initiatives for inclusion within the ECHL. That includes reaching out to diverse groups, enacting player education concepts, and evaluating league-wide initiatives. The committee will also serve as a forum to discuss and make suggestions on social issues impacting our game and our society.
“Hockey is a unifying game that can bring together people from all walks of life,” James noted. “I commend the league on the formation of this committee, and am honored to serve as the chairman. The phrase ‘Hockey Is For Everone’ is a great mantra, but we must do more as a league and as a sport to embody it.”
The committee will convene for the first time in January 2021.
Stay tuned for updates of the Atlanta Gladiators’ and ECHL’s news and for future committee initiatives.