Saints Head Coach Sean Payton test positive for the coronavirus

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton after team’s Super Bowl win, 7 Feb. 2010. Photo-VOA – S. Schy • Public domain

Just when you thought the Coronavirus was an ongoing isolated issue within NBA. The NFL has just had the first confirmed person to test positive.

According to ESPN Saints head coach Sean Payton has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Payton told ESPN he didn’t feel well this past Sunday, took the test on Monday, and received the results Thursday afternoon. He will be quarantined in his home through the weekend. He is upbeat and optimistic about a full recovery.

On Twitter Payton tweeted : “Appreciate the well wishes. I’m feeling better and fortunate to not have any of the respiratory symptoms. 4 more days at home.”

“This is not just about social distancing,” Payton told ESPN. “It’s shutting down here for a week to two weeks. If people understand the curve, and understand the bump, we can easily work together as a country to reduce it. Take a minute to understand what the experts are saying. It’s not complicated to do what they’re asking of us. Just that type of small investment by every one of us will have a dramatic impact.

“I was fortunate to be in the minority, without the serious side effects that some have. I’m lucky. Younger people feel like they can handle this, but they can be a carrier to someone who can’t handle it. So we all need to do our part. It’s important for every one of us to do our part.”

Payton has been the Saints head coach since 2006 and is the second-longest NFL tenure among active head coaches, behind New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who has coached them since the 2000 season.