The Atlanta Hawks finds strength in Youth

When I asked Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce about the strengths of his team he said, “Our youth is our strength.”

Last year, Trae Young led all rookies in assists per game. John Collins is another young player that is a main chess piece for Atlanta.
“John is effective and efficient,” said Pierce.
Nearly ten players on the Hawks roster have less than 3 years of experience in the league. Did I mention they’re also really good?
The Hawks youthful framework for a future is promising.
Cam Reddish, No. 10 draft pick from Duke is ready to lace up his sneakers. With preseason experience, he’s looking forward to his rookie season.
“I got a few games under my belt, it’s always a good start getting acclimated with my teammates, coaches and new plays,” said Reddish.
Ever wonder what players do with their downtime? They probably play NBA 2K20.
The basketball video game recently became the best-selling game of 2019.

“It’s a pretty popular game,” said Reddish.
Fans can play with Reddish on their game system, or they can watch him in action as he tips-off his rookie season against the Detroit Pistons.
On Thursday, the Hawks take the floor at the Little Caesars Arena for what will be the teams first game of the regular season.