GSU Football and the record breaking season

College football in the South East United States has always been at peak competiveness. The region contains many old, generationally successful programs including Alabama, University of Georgia, LSU, Clemson, and Auburn. In 2010, Georgia State University’s football program played its first season in this region already saturated with top tier talent. Now entering their tenth season in the Sunbelt Conference, the GSU Panthers continue to compete and attempt to make a name for themselves.

GA State vs Furman Home Opener Game, photo courtesy of Carlita Duran

This is why the season opening upset against the University of Tennessee was so important for the program (Aug. 31st). To show others that they will be a contender, not just another team early on the schedule for the bigger conferences like the ACC and SEC. In fact, the victory over Tennessee was the first time GSU beat an SEC team in program history. Not only did the he Panthers beat the Volunteers on the road, but they outscored them 38-30.

Following that win, the Panthers continued on the positive path by beating Furman at their home opener this past weekend (Sept. 7th). It is important that the team capitalized off of the momentum that they gained form the prior weeks upset. This time, outscoring their opponent 48-42. It’s no doubt that this offense, led by Senior Quarterback, Dan Ellington, is high powered. This Panther offense also broke another school record of throwing 5 touchdown passes during this game.

With all of the record breaking and upsetting action that we have received from this new GSU football program, we are definitely looking forward to their next game. The team will head on the road to play Western Michigan on Sept 14th. Let’s get another win and continue to make a name for the Panthers!