Lisa Leslie led the Triplets to Victory

Lisa Leslie on winning the BIG 3 Championship at STAPLES Center

The Triplets are the BIG3 champions. Joe Johnson, MVP and seven-time NBA All-Star scored 28 points in the BIG3 title game.

In their first year in the BIG3, the Triplets are the league’s third champions.They did it beating the Killer 3’s at the Staples Center in Los Angeles 50-39.

Lisa Leslie, basketball Hall of Famer and head coach of the Triplets, took home the BIG3 Coach of the Year honor last month.

For the first time in sports history, a woman head coach has won Coach of the Year in back-to-back seasons in a professional men’s league.

Take a minute and let that sink in. A league that started two years ago continues to be a pioneer in sports and equality.

Last year, Nancy Lieberman was named Coach of the Year and won the BIG3. Lieberman was the first woman head coach of a men’s professional team.

The BIG3 proves that it’s more than a game. The BIG3 is a progressive league that promotes diversity and inclusion.