The Sports World was out and about in true fashion at the Met Gala!

The Met Gala happened on Monday evening and of course the sports world was definitely in attendance.

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady was having a very Brady night with  his wife. Brady was seen sporting a velvet burgundy blazer with a black bow tie, while his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen looking pinky chic in her Dior dress.

Now ladies, we are often all about shoes making our outfit pop. Can anyone say anything thing bad about Queen Serena Williams sashaying down the pink carpet in a pair of neon yellow Nike that matched her Versace gown.

Cleveland Brown Odell Beckham sported a sleeveless designer tuxedo and a black pleated kilt that enhanced his confidence.

J-lo and A-rod was also spotted on the scene. J-lo wore a silver, beaded, Versace dress with flapper-style cap. Her fiancé A-Rod wore a pastel lilac-colored suit jacket with a black bow tie.




Last but not least, who could hate on power couple D-Wade and Gabby Unions. D-Wade wore a silver and black jewel hoodie suit while Gabby turned heads with a matching a silver and black jewel encrusted gown.

Which styles did you love or hate? Comment below.