Dream Re-Sign Blake Dietrick

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Dream have re-signed guard Blake Dietrick to a training camp contract, the team announced Saturday.

Making the team after originally signing a training camp contract prior to last season, Dietrick competed in 26 games off the bench for the Dream in 2018 with averages of 1.4 points and 0.5 rebounds in 7.2 minutes. Her best game of the season came at Chicago on June 27 when she finished with career highs in points (12), rebounds (4), field goals made (4), three-pointers made (4) and minutes played (23).

“I am excited to welcome Blake back to the Dream,” head coach Nicki Collen. “She was a big part of our success last season. It is so important to have someone like Blake that will do all of the little things to help our team get better.”

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