Showdown of the Sports: NFL vs. NBA

As football season progresses into the winter and basketball season starts up again, the country is as into sports and athletes as much as ever. When you aren’t discussing Lebron James’ chances of success this season you’re probably checking the times for Sunday’s matchups to debate your fantasy football league.

But it looks like the showdown between some of the top sports leagues in the nation has taken an interesting turn.

Sunday night football has been a staple in many households up until now with roughly 256 matches per season, and the NFL raking in roughly 14 billion in revenues. But in the last two years viewership has been falling, amidst protests and bad press. In 2018 though, the numbers are starting to climb again! It’s been an interesting season with underdog teams surprising fans and game-making plays coming down to the wire and adding to the intense competition.

On the other hand, the NBA saw one of its most successful seasons last year with $7.4 billion in revenues up 25% from a year ago. From record game attendance to increased TV views, the NBA is gaining popularity at a fast rate, particularly among young adults. Additionally,  players have taken to social media creating a celebrity following around stars like Stephen Curry and LeBron James, one of the best rivalries in the sports world today.

At the current moment, professionals still project the NBA to surpass the NFL take the title in “America’s Sport”. But with a variety of factors at play, it’s tough to say who can hold the eye of U.S. sports lovers the longest.