Big WIN for the Atlanta Hawks Home Opener Game!

In an epic battle with an unpredictable ending, The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Dallas Mavericks 111-104.

The first quarter started off with a bang with Vince Carter throwing a 3 to tie the game. All hopes of leading the team in the first became a blurred dream as the Mavs ended the first quarter, leading the Hawks 42-22.

Starting off right. ?

At the break, the Mavs led by 10 points, 58-48.

In the 3rd, ATL fans clinched their pearls as they watch the Hawks trail the Mavs 80-87.

In the 4th, a win seemed pre-destined with Trae Young hitting 3 points bringing the score 95-96. Kevin Huerter tied the score 97-97. With 1:34 minutes remaining on the clock the Hawks took the lead 103-101.



In the end the crowds energy exploded throughout State Farm Arena. The Hawks defeated the Mavs 104-111.

Kent Bazemore finished the game with 7 assists, 32 points, Taurean Prince made 3 Assists, 24 points, and Trae Young with 5 assists, 17 points.

The Atlanta Hawks will now face the Chicago Bulls on Saturday October 27, 2018 at State Farm Arena.