The Last Go Around for Miami Heat Guard Dwyane Wade


Remember the name, Dwyane Wade

After bouncing around from team to team for the past couple of seasons, Dwyane Wade announced that he will be retiring after the 2018-2019 NBA season. He’s going out the way he came in, with the Miami Heat.

“Flash” is what they call him and for very good reasoning. Wade’s ability to beat a defender and be crafty around the rim is one of his specialties. During his rookie campaign, he showed up and showed out, going on to win NBA All-Rookie First-Team honors in 2004.

Fast forward to before The Big Three came into play and you’ll remember the impact that Wade and Shaquille O’Neal had together. During the 2006 season, Wade averaged nearly 25 points per game and went on to win his first NBA title with O’Neal.

Then came the emergence of The Big Three, one of the most prominent trios between 2010 and 2014. LeBron James had just left Cleveland for the first time. Chris Bosh was nothing to play. His post-up game, speed, and length was just what Wade needed. Wade continued to be Wade even with two other superstars alongside him. Is it safe to say they were Golden State before there was a Golden State? The trio won two back-to-back championships. A turning point, because at the time you didn’t really see superstars’ team up.

Wade’s career can be looked at as one that will go down in the history books. Unfortunately, injuries, problems with the Heat, and leaving Miami played a big part in his decision to retire.

How do you want to go out?

Everyone wants to go out as a final contender and ultimately winners, but do we see that happening for Wade and the Miami Heat?

It’s clear that his last couple of seasons weren’t too promising. After leaving the Heat, Wade went to play with the Chicago Bulls, pairing up with Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo. On paper, they sounded like a good combo, but the team only lasted for a year before Wade moved on to the Cleveland Cavaliers. That move was also a failure, forcing him to return to the Heat.

Now, he’s back where he’s loved by the city of Miami. Do they have a shot at winning anything in the East?

Wade averaged 12 points per game last season after only playing 21 games and missing the others due to injury. Another glaring issue is the Heat roster, where only Wade and Udonis Haslem have the most experience with 15 years of league play. They both progressively seemed to have slowed down as the years have gone on.