Atlanta Dream Home Opener

Atlanta Dream v. Minnesota Lynx

In the home opener against the Dallas Wings on Saturday, Atlanta fell short just 8 points in an enthusiastic fight to win.

Angel Mccoughtry ended with 19 pts and 7 rebounds, Elizabeth Williams & Tiffany Hayes right after her with 14 points. Skylar Diggins-Smith finished with 24 points and 5 rebounds, right behind her Liz Cambage and Kayla Thornton with 14 points in an explosive team win to move their record 2-2.

Atlanta’s record is now 1-2, with hopes of making it 2-2 against the Lynx tonight! Some improvements to look for in tonight’s game with the Atlanta Dream will be more made shots, less fouls and growing chemistry between this brand new team. What will be in store for the Dream as they take on the defending WNBA champions? We’ll find out tonight as they face off in Atlanta at Mccamish Pavilion at 7 PM! #watchmework #wnba #basketball #girlpower #femalesports


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