Trae Young, who has been compared to a young Stephen Curry, has officially announced that he is leaving the University of Oklahoma for the NBA Draft in June.

Young has made a name for himself as a freshman guard with excellent passes and an impressive 3-point shot. During Young’s first and only season the Sooner’s made the #4 ranking in the national polls and are 18-14 overall this season.

The first team All-American is currently averaging 27.4 points and 8.7 assists per game making him the first college basketball player in history to lead in both categories. He previously shattered the Big 12 conference freshman scoring record with over 800 points beating out runner up Devonté Graham by over 250 points. Averaging 9.9 points per game more than any other player in the league, Young is the first to lead by such a gap in 20 years.

Young is already predicted to be the lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft. He tells ESPN “I’ve been preparing most of my life to join the NBA. That time has come for me now.”

Earlier this season the Sooners held a 10-game winning streak before their NCAA dreams were dashed in the first round of the tournament against Rhode Island. The second half of their season has been rough and given the OU history before Young’s appearance they will have to overcompensate for the loss of this star player and his impressive stats.

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