?‍♀️Smh ?‍♀️ Omg ? Moment

This week’s Smh Omg Moment is a Double Whammy:

On YouTube 35 lb Verne Troyer best known as his character “Mini Me” on the Austin Powers movie, met up with NFL prospect  6’4 335lbs Du’Vonta Lampkin at Sports Academy in Newbury Park, California.
Troyer, worked out with the former Oklahoma defensive tackle Du’Vonta to get him ready for the NFL Draft. Some of the exercises workouts included battle ropes, flippin’ tires, dumb bell shoulder rise , running on a treadmill- well in Vern case walking on a treadmill.

The most hilarious moment was watching Vern jump on the weight sled as Du’Vonta pushes his 35 lbs body across the floor!

Check out the Video below.