7 is not a lucky number for the Atlanta Dream as they reach their 8th L

Back at home and with a 7- game losing streak the Atlanta Dream face off against the Connecticut Sun on Tuesday at McCamish Pavilion!

In the first quarter, the Dream was down 12 points.

Brittany Sykes scored a team high of 7 points.

At Halftime, the Dream  trailed behind the Sun 17 points.

Brittany Sykes scored a team high of 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Atlanta Dream fell behind  28 points in the third.

Brittany Sykes scored 18 points and Layshia Clarendon scored 9 assists.


In the fourth quarter Brittany  Sykes finished with a team-high of 23 points. The Dream reached a devastating 8-game losing streak with a 75-96 loss to the Sun.

After the game Brittany Sykes spoke about the loss.

Coach Michael Cooper also spoke about the tough loss.

The next match up will be a away game. The Dream will go toe to toe with Dallas Wings in hopes of breaking their losing streak on Sat August 23, 2017.

Another tough loss for the Atlanta Dream

The Atlanta Dream faced the New York Liberty on Friday August 11, 2017 at McCamish Pavilion in Atlanta

In the first quarter Tiffany Hayes put  a 3 -pointer on the scoreboard for the Atlanta Dream.

At halftime, the Liberty lead the Dream 47-34.

At the half, Tiffany Hayes had a team high of 7 points & 3 rebounds.

At 3rd quarter the Atlanta Dream lagged behind the Liberty 14 points.

With a W on the line to break the 5 game losing streak.  The Atlanta’s Dream win became deflated with a 77-83 loss against the New York Liberty.

Brittany Sykes finished the game with a team high of 16 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

After the game Brittany Sykes and Layshiac Clarendon spoke about the tough loss.


Redemption time will be tonight!

The Atlanta  Dream will match-up against the San Antonio Stars at the AT&T center in San Antonio.

Atlanta Dream’s L reaches 5 games after loss to the Lynx

After coming off of the road with a 4 game losing streak the Atlanta Dream returned home on yesterday and matched-up again against Maya Moore and the Minnesota Lynx on Tuesday night at McCamish Pavilion.



At the  end o f the nail biting 1st quarter, the Lynx lead the Dream by 4 points.


At halftime the Lynx lead the Dream 49-43. (G) Tiffany Hayes and (C) Elizabeth Williams had a team high of 10 points.



In the third quarter, Tiffany Hayes had a team high of 13 points.


Elizabeth Williams posted her 4th double-double of the season with 16 points and 11 rebounds.



The Dream was unable to establish home court dominance and loss to the Lynx 71-82. Afterwards, this is what Coach Cooper had to say about the tough loss.



The Atlanta Dream have 4 more home games left in August. The next game will be on Friday, August 11, 7:30 PM against the New York Liberty at McCamish Pavilion, Atlanta, Georgia.

Beyonce interested in purchasing the Houston Rockets

Houston’s finest,  and superstar Beyonce is rumored to be interested in joining the group that former Atlanta Hawks  and Houston Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo, created to purchase the Houston Rockets.  Forbes estimates the Rockets’ is worth $1.65 billion it is expected that the team will sell for $2 billion or more.

Can Beyoncé help the @HoustonRockets put a ring on it? 💍 pic.twitter.com/aoTVuB0jQ3

Question of the day, do you think Beyonce joining the group would be a good look and if so do you think the purchase will help the Rockets put a ring on it?