D-Wade and Bron-Bron’s World Series Bet is officially on!

Cleveland’s native son LeBron James and Chicago native Dwyane Wade have placed a fashionably friendly wager on the World Series.

According to D-Wade’s video posted to Twitter to Lebron James,

“Who ever team loses the loser has to show up during the NBA season to the other guys home game dressed as the team who won.  Example, if the Chicago Cubs win in December when Cleveland come to Chicago. You have to show up, when you walk into the Arena dressed as a Chicago Cub and vice versa if the Cleveland Indians win in January when we come to town. I’ll walk in dressed just like a Cleveland Indian. I’ll have the hat on, the top and bottom socks all the way down to the sneaks. Alright so that’s the World Series Bet! Good Luck Homie!”

And of course, Lebron responded and accepted D-Wade’s bet via Twitter.

Who do you think will win this Bet?