Dez Bryant get’s punched in the face-during Cowboys-Rams Brawl

At the Cowboys and Rams training camp on Tuesday tempers ran high!

Dez Bryant sprints into the middle of the action and takes a punch to the face.  Ouch! That’s has to hurt!


Dez apparently lost an earring during the scuffle. Luckily his ear ring was recovered by a local news crew.



Crime and Punishment

 “I am not a crook”

Tom Brady is fighting tooth and nail in federal court to get his suspension wiped away.  Not reduced, but totally gone.  Much like Lance Armstrong, Tommy Boy has denied ANY wrongdoing.  Even after a ton of text messages with an equipment manager and footballs below the acceptable PSI range, Touchdown Jesus is still using the Shaggy defense (“it wasn’t me”) and soooo many football fans and analysts are buying it.

On the flip side, Greg Hardy had his domestic violence case dismissed on appeal after his accuser refused to cooperate with the prosecution.  This lack of cooperation conveniently occurred after a civil settlement was reached with Hardy for an undisclosed amount of money.  Read what you want into this, but there is definitely a cloud of uncertainty surrounding this situation.  As usual, Roger Goodell decided Hardy still needed to be punished by the league and dropped a 10 game hammer on the defensive end.  He appealed and the suspension and it was dropped to 4 so he’ll be hitting the field for the Cowboys in week 5.  Hardy never kicked and screamed for the league to go to zero.  This guy was suspended by the Panthers after game 1 last season but never bashed the team or raised hell about being persecuted.

This is another example of how race creates a different reality.  White men, in particular, refuse to take an “L”.  The idea of getting caught AND punished is so foreign to so many of these “Golden Boys” that they’re blindsided by accountability.  Mark McGwire appears in a Congressional hearing but deflects questions by “not talking about the past” even though the entire circus is about the past.  He’s now a hitting coach and soon to be manager in Major League baseball.  Armstrong lied to every interviewer and burned several friends for years before he finally admitted to doping.  He’s got a reality show and white folks love to wear those little yellow wristbands.  Big Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of rape twice but only served a 4 game suspension.  And Pete Rose, the Don of the Who Me? Mafia, is still telling the truth at a snail’s pace but has the backing of Baseball Fandom for reinstatement.

When you look at most black athletes, they file the obligatory appeal or negotiate a reduced punishment.  Some are even able to fight for their innocence.  But rarely will you find them fighting a tide of circumstantial evidence.  Most accept the punishment, make a statement of apology and promise to make better decisions.

The Reason:  Black people have been dealing with punishment with little-to-no evidence for a very long time.

The black community, in general, is used to get the short end of things.  They aren’t surprised by police brutality, unequal pay or unfair treatment by the media.  And they are damn sure not shocked by being treated unfairly by employers.  This is a part of the “conversation” many mothers and fathers of color have with their kids.  It’s not right, but necessary.

Ray Rice has never cried foul after his season-long suspension…..he just wants to find a job, make some money and stay under the radar.  Adrian Peterson voiced an opinion about NFL contracts but was quickly jerked back in line by the very team that left him twisting when he was Public Enemy No. 1 last year.  Even Michael Vick is STILL trying to get a job even though he went to prison for his crimes.

There’s a recurring theme that black athletes must accept punishment and accept it with humility.   White athletes are allowed to be defiant and “defend their reputation” at all costs.  Probably because white athletes are thought to be inherently honest and black athletes are thought to be suspect and too flashy to be trusted.

Don’t let these professional leagues fool you…..they’re just like the rest of society.

Tara’s OMG Moment for the week


Robbie Maddison – MULTIPLE WORLD RECORD HOLDING MOTOCROSS ATHLETE. He is a man who makes his entire living on doing things on a motorcycle that no one would ever think about. But now, he has outdone himself in a fashion that is downright incomprehensible.

The collab video with DC Shoes was done in Tahiti, on a regular KTM250SX with a couple of custom mods, allowing the bike to hydroplane for long distances without that whole sinking thing (although inflatable floats were attached to the bike, just in case) And, of course, not just any wave would do, it had to be the legendary Teahupo’o reefbreak in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Renowned for the consistent number of barrels it delivers, Teahupo’o is characterized by its shallow coral reef, which lies only 20 inches below the water’s surface and is largely responsible for the desirable shape of the waves its famous for. The footage is unbelievable. You have got to check this out!

Is T.O. a First-Ballot Hall of Famer?


CC. Photo By Tammy Ferrufino, via Wikimedia Commons

As the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is forever enshrined into the hall of fame in Canton, Ohio, many look on to next year’s class, which includes many notable first-time eligible candidates such as Brett Favre, Clinton Portis, Alan Faneca, and that popcorn-eating, sit-ups in the driveway doing Terrell Owens. Now the T.O. that everyone remembers was a great player on the field as well as a huge distraction for just about every NFL team he ever played for. There is no question that he will be headed to Canton one day, but the question is how soon?

First things first, here are the stats of T.O. (that really matter):

  • 2nd all time in career receiving yards (15,934)
  • 3rd all time in TD receptions (153)
  • 5th all time in total TDs (156)
  • 6th all time in career receptions (1,078)
  • 6-time Pro Bowler
  • 5-time 1st-team All-Pro

What Could Keep T.O. Out Year One

 Besides the fact that there are many other players/coaches/etc. that have been waiting for years, there is this one great player that also played wide receiver named Marvin Harrison. Statistically, T.O. has Harrison beat in just about all the major categories for a wide receiver except career receptions (1102 to 1078). T.O. also had really good but not great/elite quarterbacks throwing to him like Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Romo to name a few while Harrison had some guy named Peyton Manning throw to him for his whole career. Nonetheless, Harrison has been eligible for years. Maybe the voters will think that it might be time for Harrison to get in.

What Probably Will Keep T.O. Out Year One

It’s no secret that many people in the NFL world hated T.O. While he was never involved in any off-the-field foolishness, he did think there was an “I” in team. He went after his quarterbacks and kept many locker rooms divided, which probably led him from one team to another. In the end, he probably burned too many bridges. Still, he was media-friendly.

I bring that up because many of the voters are members of the media. Apparently, a player has to be in good relations with the media or he will be purposely left off the HOF ballot. Look at 2015 inductee Charles Haley. Haley was never friendly with the media, which probably contributed to him not being voted for a decade because he definitely had the accomplishments to get in. His case is what players probably fear once they become eligible for the HOF: “If I upset the media, I could be left out of the hall of fame because of someone’s emotions instead of my own accomplishments.”

My Conclusion

Personally, I’m undecided about whether or not he is a 1st-ballot hall of famer. His accomplishments say that he is but knowing that emotions can get in the way of facts and the fact that there are so many other people that belong in the hall of fame as well, T.O. may have to wait as long as Haley although he shouldn’t.



Is ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey’s Dominance Good for the UFC?


Ronda Rousey and Pedro El Travesio Gayta by PedroGaytan, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  PedroGaytan 

With her latest 34-second KO of undefeated fighter Bethe Correia, ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey has now defended her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship for the sixth time. Her last five defenses now include wins over two previously unbeaten fighters and have lasted a little over three minutes in total. Her next possible opponents include someone she has already beaten twice (Miesha Tate) and someone who isn’t even in the same division as her (Cris Cyborg). It is undeniable that Rousey has dominated her division and sport, but is her dominance really a good thing for the UFC? The answer to that question is all a matter of perspective.

As a Promoter

 Yes because…

Rousey is the main cash cow for the UFC. People are paying to see her fight, regardless of the name and reputation of the other opponent. Being on a win streak is also a big plus because while some people are paying to see her defend her belt and keep her perfect record intact, many more people are paying to see her lose both. It is the same reason why boxer Floyd Mayweather can easily generate millions of dollars for his so-called ‘fights.’ Many people want to see the people at the top of their sports fall.

No because…

It gets harder and harder to sell her fights. As mentioned before, her next opponent could possibly be Miesha Tate, an opponent she has defeated twice already. In one fight, Rousey broke her arm with her famed armbar submission. Her other possible opponent, Cris Cyborg, tested positive for steroids a few years back. Both of those scenarios are difficult to sell to the paying customer considering one fighter has been dominated by Rousey and the other is a known cheater. While it might be somewhat easier to sell a Rousey vs. Cyborg I rather than a Rousey vs. Tate III, Cyborg still has to remain clean, which is something that a promoter cannot control.

As a Female Fighter

 Yes because…

She is drawing in a huge interest to the female side of the UFC. That interest will result in a larger focus on this side, especially for fighters that happen to be in the bantamweight division as well. She is also being a role model for young girls that are interested in the sport, which will create a breakthrough and generate more female fighters in the future.

No because…

The interest that Rousey is generating for the UFC works both ways. While she is attracting attention to female fighters, most of that attention is focused solely on her. This takes away the spotlight from other fighters that are also really good but not as good as Rousey.

As a Fan

 Yes because…

If you’re rooting for Rousey, of course you are excited to see her keep winning.

 No because…

Rousey’s dominance implies one of two things if not both: (1) She is way too good for her division or (2) there is a lack of competition in her division. Either way, she will be perceived as untested. As a fan, you want the headlining bout in any UFC event to be a great fight. Sooner or later, you’re going to get tired of waiting all night for the main event just to blink or turn away for just a minute and find out that it is already over.

Whatever perspective fits you, it is clear that Rousey’s dominance is both a good and bad thing for the UFC.