Will Becky Hammon be the First Female Head Coach in the NBA?


Becky Hammon, is the Spurs assistant Coach. She decided to add more to her plate by coaching the Spurs summer league team to a championship. She did such an outstanding job that many people associated with the NBA believe she will be the first woman head coach.

Bobby Marks, a former assistant GM for the Nets, tweeted that if he was running a team and had a head coach opening the first call it would be Hammon.


Times are changing. Long gone are the days of men bringing  home the bacon and women politely cooking it. Women are breaking into male-dominated industries and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, I believe Becky will not make history tomorrow. I predict that she will be a NBA  head coach in about 5-10 year time span. I also predict that she will  be offered another job first. WNBA most likely want her back and a few college teams will be pleased with someone of her caliber.