Braves Pay Homage to Lil B, Avoid Curse

The Cubs have the Curse of the Billy goat, the Red Sox had the Curse of Bambino (broken in 2004), the Giants had the Curse of Coogan’s Bluff (broken in 2010), and the Braves almost, almost, became victims of the BasedGod Curse.

It happened on July 3rd during a game against the Phillies. Bottom of the second. One out. Johhny Gomes blasts a solo shot. The Braves lead 1-0. And Cameron Maybin starts cooking. Has he not heard? Does he not know?! That is Lil B’s dance! Since that day, fans have waited with bated breath to hear the response from Lil B, the world’s most influential rapper/motivator/blouse wearing sage.

First Kevin Durant fell victim to the curse, costing him a trip to the NBA Finals in 2014 and a trip to the playoffs in 2015. Then James Harden angered the Based God, and soon he and the Houston Rockets were knocked from the NBA playoffs. The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a scare before the  2015 NBA Finals, and Lil B’s support of the Golden State Warriors may or may not have helped them win the title of NBA champs this season. Long story short, the curse is real. It is very real.
Fearful of the curse crossing from basketball to baseball, Atlanta had no choice but to offer praise and respect for Lil B and his dance. It had been days, three days exactly, but that can feel like a lifetime when waiting to hear about the future of your franchise from the Based God, himself.

Luckily for everyone involved, Lil B accepted this show of respect. The Braves have won 5 of their last 6 and are now only one game under .500, putting them just 1.5 games behind the Mets for second in the NL East. Let’s see if they keep cooking.