Sorry Manny


After waiting for what seemed to be forever for the
I was unimpressed with the results. From Floyd ducking and diving and occassionally placing Manny Pacqaio in a headlock to Manny hitting Floyd with punches that had Floyd bouncing back for more.
I watched as punches were being thrown from both sides but when the fight ran it course and the 12 round ended, to my amazement neither opponets was left with visiable bruises.
To say I was disappointed was an understatement!
The question is: Do the two fight again?
Pacquiao’s camp has hinted that Manny is up to a rematch. However, Floyd Mayweather has loudly vocalized that there will NOT BE A REMATCH!
Would it surprise me that maybe a year from now Floyd has a change of heart?  Probably Not!
But again just like the Manny vs Floyd fight that was five years in the making. We have no chioce but to wait and see if the two will fight again.